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Personal Injury


Thursday, July 27, 2023 @ 8:59 AM

Pursuing a civil appeal: The top five errors lawyers make Red hand held up in Stop signal

After a decision on a motion, application or action has been rendered, the losing party will almost always want to consider an appeal to a higher court. The temptation is strong to demand a reconsideration of the order as a matter of course. ... [read more]

Wednesday, July 26, 2023 @ 3:46 PM

E-scooters: Fast, compact — and risky E-scooters

Getting around urban centres in Ontario can be a hassle. It can also be expensive when you factor in gas, vehicle costs and parking fees. It’s no surprise, then, that some people are taking to e-scooters as a fast, easy mode of transportation within the city. ... [read more]

Tuesday, July 25, 2023 @ 1:45 PM

Wrongful death caused by health-care professionals: Options for claimants Stethoscope with heart

While there are several options available to those who have lost a family member due to the negligence of a trained health-care professional, having to navigate the legal world in addition to mourning is not an easy task and one shouldn’t have to do so alone. ... [read more]

Monday, July 24, 2023 @ 11:38 AM

Talking to partners about problems | Murray Gottheil

Since I retired, I do not speak to law firm partners very often, which is just fine with me. For one thing, I cannot afford to speak to them about professional matters. For another, I have had quite my fill of speaking to partners about topics that they know precious little about, such as how to run a law firm profitably while maintaining a positive and welcoming culture. ... [read more]

Monday, July 24, 2023 @ 11:12 AM - Last Updated: Monday, July 24, 2023 @ 7:18 PM

Eyes turn to Supreme Court of Canada’s western vacancy after close of applications Supreme Court Group Fall 2022 with Brown, O'Bonsawin

Before applications for the Supreme Court of Canada’s western and northern vacancy closed July 21, Law360 Canada spoke with lawyers, judges and academics about which qualified jurists might be appointed to the seat on the top court vacated last month by former justice Russell Brown. ... [read more]

Friday, July 21, 2023 @ 3:55 PM

[ Legal Wire ] - Settlement reached in class action against health-care facility for improper sterilization

A proposed settlement has been reached in a class action against a London, Ont., health-care clinic alleging improper sterilization of medical tools from 2008 to 2018 resulting in possible contraction of HIV and hepatitis B and C, class counsel firm McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP has announced. ... [read more]

Friday, July 21, 2023 @ 2:08 PM

Third-party litigation funding: Another way to provide access to justice | Oksana Romanov

During the last semester of law school, I had an opportunity to take several electives, including class actions. This course focused on access to justice, one of the three goals of class proceedings, in addition to behaviour modification and judicial economy. For my final project, I looked at the third-party litigation funding agreements (TPLFAs) as a way of financing class actions in Ontario, including what constitutes a “fair and reasonable” TPLFA, which is outside the scope of this article. ... [read more]

Friday, July 21, 2023 @ 1:48 PM

Quebec’s new child labour law gets mixed reviews from experts Karina Montminy

Quebec, the only province that did not have a minimum working age, has passed a law that tightens the legal framework for child labour, a move deemed by human rights advocates as a step forward but partly bemoaned by businesses already struggling with an acute labour shortage. ... [read more]

Thursday, July 20, 2023 @ 11:57 AM

B.C. bringing in updated civil, family law rules

British Columbia has approved a number of amendments to its civil and family rules, with the province saying it will make it easier for people to access court services. ... [read more]

Wednesday, July 19, 2023 @ 2:50 PM

Legal experts question trailblazing AI disclosure directives from Canadian courts University of Waterloo professor Maura Grossman

Legal experts in professional ethics and computer science are questioning the recent trailblazing moves of two Canadian trial courts that issued novel practice directions requiring lawyers and litigants to disclose to the bench any use of “artificial intelligence” (AI) in their legal research and court submissions. ... [read more]