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General Contact Information

You can reach Law360 Canada team at the following address:

Law360 Canada
111 Gordon Baker Road, Suite 900
Toronto, ON, M2H 3R1 Canada


Contacting Our Editorial Staff

Please send all news tips, press releases, litigation alerts, job changes and story pitches to

Expert Analysis

In addition to our breaking and daily news coverage, the Analysis and Opinion sections of Law360 Canada features contributed guest articles from leading practitioners in a full range of practice areas.
While much of the content found in this section is derived from regularly scheduled contributors, we review unsolicited pitches and submissions on an ongoing basis, so feel free to send them to us.
Topics can be practice- or industry-specific … but most importantly we are looking for concise, thought-provoking and original writing. Although articles can have a scholarly focus, they should be written with a business audience in mind.
Law360 Canada has first publishing rights for 48 hours and then the author is free to repurpose their article on a company website, blog, social media channel or other preferred outlet with a link back to Law360 Canada and a disclaimer (provided).

Article Submission Guidelines:

  • The article must cover an issue of current interest to a legal and business audience (e.g., cases, legislation, policies, deals, trends, debates, legal technology, access to justice).
  • The analysis, views and expressions of the author must be original and the proposed article must not have been previously published.
  • The article should be between 600 and 1,500 words.
  • Law360 Canada does not publish rants, advertorials, policy summaries or otherwise self-promotional material.
  • If cases are referred to, the full citation should be included.
  • If an article covers a matter in which your organization is or has been involved -- directly or indirectly -- such involvement must be disclosed in the bio at the end of the article.
  • We reserve the right to edit articles for spelling, grammar and punctuation, length and tone as needed to fit our website style.


If you like to write on a regular basis and want to be considered as a columnist for Law360 Canada, please let us know. We look for writers from all areas of the legal profession and encourage diversity. We particularly encourage law students and articling students to send us pitches.