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Feds issue emergency order to protect habitat of Western Chorus Frog in Quebec

Monday, November 22, 2021 @ 1:13 PM | By Amanda Jerome

On Nov. 22, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Steven Guilbeault, announced that the federal government is “issuing an Emergency Order in Longueuil, Quebec, to protect habitat of critical importance to” the Western Chorus Frog.

The order, which is effective immediately, “will help protect and recover the species by addressing the threat of habitat destruction,” the announcement explained.

The announcement noted that the government “recognizes that urgent action is needed to help the recovery of the Western Chorus Frog, a species at risk listed under the Species at Risk Act.”

According to a government release, the order follows a “threat assessment by Environment and Climate Change Canada based on the best available information, including the most recent science and all data and documentation provided by the Government of Quebec, the City of Longueuil, and non-governmental organizations.”

“The protection of this particular Western Chorus Frog population in Longueuil is important to the species’ overall survival and recovery; the Longueuil population is the third-largest in Quebec in terms of the area it occupies, and its loss due to habitat destruction would have a dire impact on the overall health of the species and the region’s biodiversity,” the release added.

Guilbeault said in a statement that “it is of vital importance that we work together to protect and recover species at risk and conserve nature.”

“Today we are taking action to protect the Western Chorus Frog and its habitat to ensure its long-term survival and protect biodiversity,” he added.

Guilbeault stressed that “the science is clear — the protection of this particular population is important to the species’ overall survival and recovery. We will continue to work closely with the Government of Quebec and the City of Longueuil on this important issue.”

The government release noted that the “Western Chorus Frog’s Great Lakes–St. Lawrence–Canadian Shield population has been listed as threatened under the federal Species at Risk Act since 2010.”

“The main threat facing the Western Chorus Frog is habitat loss, mainly due to urban development,” the release explained, noting that “current estimates suggest up to 90 percent of the species’ habitat has been lost in recent decades.”

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