CONDOMINIUMS - Unit holders - Duties of - Adherence to bylaws and rules

Law360 Canada (May 10, 2021, 9:23 AM EDT) -- Appeal by Ryan from an order of improper conduct pursuant to s. 67(2) of the Condominium Property Act. The appellant co-owned a unit within a 376-unit residential condominium complex. The appellant disputed his responsibility to pay a charge-back invoice for replacement of a gas valve shut-off located on his unit’s balcony. The appellant’s responsibility for the invoice was determined in a separate proceeding. In the meantime, the appellant engaged in a pattern of harassment of condominium board members, particularly the board’s president. The board issued a cease and desist letter and applied for a remedy pursuant to s. 67(2). The chambers judge found that the appellant’s threatening and aggressive conduct toward the board’s president was oppressive and unfairly prejudicial. The judge issued an order that, among other things, limited the appellant’s interaction with board members and other owners within the complex. Ryan appealed....
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