SENTENCING - Sexual assault - Imprisonment - Indeterminate - Protection of the public

Law360 Canada (July 12, 2022, 6:27 AM EDT) -- Appeal by Dadmand from his sentence of indeterminate incarceration. Dadmand was found guilty of five counts of sexual assault. The trial judge found that, overall, the sexual assaults occurred as part of a sophisticated and deceptive scheme in which Dadmand falsely represented himself as a modelling agent and, on the strength of that representation, induced young women into non-consensual sexual activity under the guise of holding auditions. He did not challenge his designation as a dangerous offender. In his sentence appeal, Dadmand contended his sentence reflected errors of law and that a fit sentence for him would be a determinate prison term of 12 years followed by a long-term supervision order of 10 years. Dadmand argued that the judge failed to consider all relevant principles of sentencing and that he failed to give adequate effect to evidence that Dadmand’s risk of re-offending might reduce with age. He contended that the trial judge did not conduct a “careful” and “thorough” inquiry....
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