Police must know: Detention means different things to different people

By John L. Hill (August 11, 2022, 9:11 AM EDT) -- On Feb. 5, 1975, 76-year-old widow named Inez Philips was working in the kitchen when she heard a knock on her door. Shortly after opening it, she was attacked, bound and gagged and, shortly thereafter, stabbed through the chest with a kitchen knife she had been using minutes before. A police informer named two possible killers: Lynda McCann (alias Stormy Summers), a sometimes-sex worker, and Joseph Stanley Faulder (alias Stan Cotter), an itinerant Canadian wandering around the U.S. south in search of work. They had been heard discussing a robbery of the Phillips home in Gladewater, Texas, believing the elderly matriarch of the Jack Phillips Oil Company would be an easy mark....
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