SENTENCING - Possession or use of explosives - Imprisonment - Forfeiture

Law360 Canada (December 2, 2022, 6:27 AM EST) -- Sentencing of Shirizadeh for a multi-count indictment. Shirizadeh armed himself with a revolver. He drove to a gas station located at a busy commercial intersection. An officer, Scrymgeour, happened to drive by the gas station. He recognized Shirizadeh. Shirizadeh said his criminal charges had been resolved. The officer told Shirizadeh that he was under arrest, and that they could figure out the paperwork. Shirizadeh refused to do so. He drew the handgun and rapidly fired in the direction of the officer. Shirizadeh drove to his home equipped with weapons and combat gear. He barricaded himself in the house. He called 911, reported the shooting, and demanded a negotiator. He engaged in a ten hour negotiation with police. The police moved an armoured vehicle toward the house. He came out of his house and was arrested. The police found multiple firearms, ammunition, homemade bombs, knives, and other explosives and weapons. There were trip wires and boobytraps. There were marijuana plants growing in the basement. Shirizadeh was 34 years old at the time of the offences. He was Muslim, having been born in Iran during the Iran-Iraq war. Shirizadeh was anxious, hypervigilant, and concerned about safety as a young child....
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