Alberta law society website, lawyer portal hit by cyberattacks

By Ian Burns

Law360 Canada (April 24, 2023, 2:47 PM EDT) -- The Law Society of Alberta (LSA) is saying it has noticed a surge of cyberattacks over the past three weeks targeting its website and lawyer portal.

According to the law society, none of its information systems or networks have been compromised, and similar attacks have been reported across a wide range of business sectors in Canada.

A law society spokesperson said the LSA “secures and monitors our information systems and networks in line with industry-best practices and advice, including that provided by the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security.”

“We are employing additional security measures to protect our infrastructure and systems,” the spokesperson said.

Authorities within the Department of National Defence have noted a rise in cyberthreat activity being perpetrated by Russian-aligned actors targeting Ukraine’s partners, but the spokesperson said the LSA has no way of knowing if that is in fact who has targeted its systems.

The law society is recommending organizations work with their cybersecurity teams and partners to review the federal government’s cyber threat bulletin and discuss additional safety precautions and measures.

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