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By John Chunn (June 27, 2023, 6:11 AM EDT) -- Application by Dempsey for an extension of time to appeal. He also requested a sealing order and protection order. Pagefreezer Software Inc. (“Pagefreezer”) was a company that provided monitoring and archiving of online content. Riedijk was Pagefreezer’s founder and CEO. Dempsey was a former employee and shareholder of Pagefreezer. A settlement agreement was entered into by Dempsey, Pagefreezer, and Riedijk, to resolve an oppression dispute between them. Dempsey filed a petition to set the settlement agreement aside. This action was dismissed in its entirety. This led to three appeals brought by Dempsey. All three appeals were dismissed as abandoned. Dempsey brought an action seeking various forms of relief. Justice Majawa held Dempsey’s action disclosed no reasonable claim, was unnecessary, scandalous, frivolous and vexatious, and was an abuse of the court’s process. Dempsey filed a notice of appeal of Justice Majawa’s order. The Court of Appeal Registrar issued a letter indicating the appeal was filed out of time, and Dempsey should bring an application to extend the time to appeal. Dempsey applied for an extension of time to appeal. The proposed appeal would be the fourth appeal he filed essentially arising from the same subject matter....
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