CRIMINAL CODE OFFENCES - Offences relating to conveyances - Failing to stop or remain at accident scene

Law360 Canada (July 28, 2023, 5:59 AM EDT) -- Trial of Liang, who was charged with one count of failing to stop contrary to section 320.16(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada. Liang was operating the conveyance that collided with Almasi. Liang made a U-turn and travelled back by the scene observing nothing of note and made another U-turn noting a vehicle and what she believed to be three Mexican farmers on the road. Liang denied seeing anything of note, made another U-turn, passing the scene again, and continued home. The Essex County OPP put out media releases on April 16, 2021 in an effort to track down the driver of the vehicle that struck Almasi. Liang learned of the media release on April 19, 2021 through a website and believed that it might be her Honda that police were looking for. The next day after Liang saw the media release (April 20, 2021), she consulted her husband and attended the police station with the vehicle in the same condition to surrender to the police. Liang maintained that she did not know that she hit a person. The Crown submitted that Liang was wilfully blind to the circumstances that she was in. Liang failed to stop, failed to provide her name, failed to give her address, and failed to offer assistance....
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