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Alberta provincial court changes name to Alberta Court of Justice

Monday, April 03, 2023 @ 1:17 PM | By Ian Burns

Alberta’s provincial court now has a new name — the Alberta Court of Justice.

The name change, which took effect April 1, is said to “more accurately reflect the court’s independence and responsibilities” as it tends to be the first point of contact for individuals interacting with the justice system in the province.

“Over the past five decades, Alberta’s front-line, trial-level court has grown in size and complexity and has evolved to meet the changing needs of the province and its people,” said Chief Justice of the Alberta Court of Justice Derek Redman. “We have asked for this new name to reflect that growth and that evolution. The name Alberta Court of Justice more clearly communicates the nature, purpose, and independence of our work on behalf of Albertans.”

The title of the judges of the court has also been changed from Judge to Justice. The court’s name and judicial title change has also resulted in a number of amendments to court forms and other materials. All materials to be filed in the court should now reflect these legislative changes.

There will be a grace period during which time documents that use the outdated name and terminology will be considered to be valid, and previous versions of court forms will be accepted.

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