REFUGEE PROTECTION - Who constitute - Persons in need of protection – Persecution - Membership in a particular social group

Law360 Canada (October 5, 2023, 6:18 AM EDT) -- Application by Applicants for judicial review of Refugee Protection Division (RPD)’s refusal of their refugee protection claim on account of credibility. The Applicants feared persecution on account of their membership in an opposition political party. The RPD found that the Applicants’ evidence had numerous omissions, inconsistencies and discrepancies not reasonably explained. The Applicants submitted that the RPD breached procedural fairness in its refusal to question them on the genuineness of their evidence so as to be able to defend themselves. Furthermore, they argued that the RPD erred in its assessment of their credibility, and that the RPD’s adverse credibility findings were not sufficient to render their claim manifestly unfounded....
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