Horvat re-elected as LSO treasurer; term commences June 28

By Amanda Jerome

Law360 Canada (May 29, 2023, 12:46 PM EDT) -- Law Society of Ontario (LSO) treasurer Jacqueline Horvat has been re-elected for the term commencing June 28.

According to an LSO release, “as of the close of nominations of candidates for the election of Treasurer on May 26, 2023 at 5 p.m., there was one candidate nominated for the election of Treasurer: Jacqueline Horvat, nominated by Atrisha Lewis and Michelle Lomazzo.”

LSO spokesperson, Jennifer Wing, noted that Horvat’s election will be “announced at the June 28 Convocation.”

Jacqueline Horvat, re-elected as LSO treasurer

Jacqueline Horvat, re-elected as LSO treasurer

Horvat was first elected as treasurer in June 2022 with a platform focused on the Family Legal Services Provider Licence for paralegals, governance reform, future planning and technology.

As previously reported by Law360 Canada, Horvat, “as a general rule,” would like Convocation to “stay ahead of issues rather than react to them.”

“COVID is one we couldn’t have seen coming. That came out of nowhere, and we reacted to it in, I think, a very positive way, in a very competent way,” she said during her campaign in 2022.

She noted, however, that when issues arise “we tend to be reactive rather than proactive.”

“I would like to see us begin anticipating future issues and planning for how to address them and implement those plans. And that may be through the formation of something like a futures committee that a small group of benchers gets together and surveys the professions about what may be on the radar, what may be coming up,” she added.

Horvat was first elected as a bencher in 2011 and is a litigation lawyer and a founding partner of Spark Law, which has locations in the GTA and Windsor, Ont.

She has extensive experience at the LSO’s committee and task force level as she’s been the chair of the Technology Task Force and the Treasurer’s Women in Law Advisory Group, as well as a vice-chair of the Strategic Planning and Advisory Committee. Horvat was also a member of the Audit & Finance Committee and Professional Regulation Committee and is the past chair of the Professional Regulation, Proceedings Authorization, Litigation, Interjurisdictional Mobility, Mentoring and Advisory Services Proposal Task Force as well as past vice-chair of Professional Development and Competence and Professional Regulation.

Horvat’s external appointments have included: second vice-president and Ontario representative on the Council of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada; a member of the Independent Advisory Board for Supreme Court of Canada Judicial Appointments; and past director of Library Co. Inc. and of the Ontario Judicial Education Network.

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